TCA Skin Peel 60% BD Price
TCA Skin Peel 60% BD Price

TCA Skin Peel 60% BD Price

Please perform a patch test at least 24 hours before treatment. If an allergic reaction occurs, or otherwise negative side-effects, please do not continue with the treatment. The concentration you use is up to you however 100% TCA must be diluted.





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Product Description

This peel is a deep strength peel that is ideal for someone with aged, sun damaged, or wrinkled skin and only for experienced Glycolic Acid users. We do not recommend this for first time Glycolic Acid peel users or first time chemical peel users in general. This peel will rejuvenate your skin. After 3-6 peel treatments, mature and sun damaged skin should show dramatic results. Using our Complete Accessory Kit or the Pro Accessory Kit will help you heal faster and expedite the natural regeneration of healthy skin in an even and non-irritating way.

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